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2k14 Summer bucket list (so far) →


2k14 summer bucket list

summer starts on May 29th at 12:20pm

  • Go to first fridays

  • pull multiple all nighters in a row

  • go to worlds of fun or oceans of fun

  • hang out with friends

  • make a new friend at camp

  • write a story

  • find a summer love

  • get contacts

Apr 20


“He’s my hero. He is the wind beneath my wings.” - Stana Katic

“She’s an interesting character. She likes to soak in as much as she can. She’s very genuine, and everything is heartfelt. There’s never any meanness from Stana. I can tell you that, there’s never any meanness. She’s amazing. She’s great.”  - Jon Huertas

"For instance, sometimes when I am doing a scene with Jon Huertas… It will be my close up and we both share an affection for ‘The Princess Bride’. So he’s a big dork and I will give him an order as Beckett and he will sashay out of the scene as Esposito and just before he does - and it’s always on my close up - he’ll go “As you wish!” …and you’ll see sometimes they’ll keep it on my face and there is always a little twinkle in my eye." - Stana Katic

"Beckett tells Esposito to do this, this and this and Esposito goes ‘as you wish’. And I’m just like that’s not in the script Jon. That’s from the Princess Bride, it means Ilove you, so Castle is just like uh?"  - Nathan Fillion

"I wish Stana Katic was there tonight to celebrate with us too! Missed her terribly! She’s a huge part of why our show is dope!!!"  - Jon Huertas

Interviewer: ”Castle, Esposito, Ryan - Which one of these guys would you marry, which one would you shag and who would get thrown off a cliff?”
Stana Katic: ” Thats so not fair I can’t answer that one.. Esposito would be a good shag though.. and thats as far as I’m going okay.”

"Saw Stana today for the first time in months at Castle photoshoot! Realized how much I’d missed her! Crazy uh?"  - Jon Huertas

"Super sexy JH,xS"  - Stana Katic

…their friendship ♥

Apr 20


Fake Pockets: A How To

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I just legitimately can’t not reblog.

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Castle and Beckett

Simply love his “Wait.What?!” face in the end!

It’s so perf.

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porn always ends up on your dash

it doesn’t matter if you only follow disney blogs

you will get porn on your dash